Making a Consumer Complaint

Know your rights as a Consumer Before you report a product or service provider know what your rights are. It is important to request and read your product or...
  1. Know your rights as a Consumer

Before you report a product or service provider know what your rights are. It is important to request and read your product or service contract, this will help you explain what has gone wrong to CPC and make it easier to resolve the issue.

2.  Address the Issue quickly

It helps to report a faulty good or poor service to the provider of products or services as soon as you notice it is below the standard of what you ordered.  This helps in resolving the issue with the service provider quickly as a delay may suggest the product or service was consumed until it became faulty, some products also have a warranty period so check your purchasing document or get a signed written note from the seller of the product confirming a warranty period. If the issue is not resolved, report to the Consumer Protection Council (CPC) as soon as possible, after your right has been breached.

3. Keep all relevant documents related to a product/service purchase

It is a good practice to keep documents relating to a product and service purchase (e.g receipts, invoice, contract, cheque etc.), you may need this records in the future if you need to make a complaint directly to the service company and CPC. It is also useful to keep track of the steps you took to address this complaint. If you call the contact the company or customer service desk, make sure you record details of the calls. Take note of whom you spoke to, the time and duration of the call and what was agreed also ask for a ticket or reference number so that you can easily follow up your complaint. If your complaint is in writing, keep a copy of what you sent, also attach supporting documents such as scanned or photocopies of receipts and keep originals.

4. Always ask for Proof of purchase and Keep it Safely

It is your responsibility as a consumer to prove that you purchased the goods or services that you are complaining about. Always request for a receipt for all items especially when you pay by cash and keep it safe for future use, it is a way of proving that you bought a product or paid for a service. Alternatively, you can use your bank statement as a proof of purchase if you paid by credit card or electronic bank transfer.

5. First Contact seller or service provider for resolution

When you have a case of poor product or service first contact the service provider to give them feedback or complaint about the product, it is possible it was done out of error and they may be willing to resolve the issue and apologize for the inconvenience.

If the issue is unresolved, ask to speak to a “decision-maker”, a manager or a supervisor who has the authority to give a refund or address the complaint without delay.

After contacting the service provider informally, If your issue is still unresolved then you should write a formal complaint by delivering a letter, sending an email or logging a complaint form if they have a complaint system and state clearly what the issue is with supporting documents to prove your claims.

6.  Report to the Consumer Protection Council

If after contacting the company you don’t get a satisfactory response you can then report to the Consumer Protection Council.


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